Yi Jing
Book of Changes

Yi Jing

Author's note | "Ever since I was introduced to the Yi'Jing more than 30 years ago I have wrestled with the problem of how to visualize the concepts contained within the hexagrams. It was only recently when editing a personal project I had entitled "The Great Walls of China" that I realized I'd accidentally chanced upon the solution. The series centered on images of weathered walls I'd photographed across China, and became my homage to Abstract Expressionist paintings. The images fit both conceptually - by showing the changes wrought by time and the impact of natural forces like wind and rain on the most basic of human structures - and visually as the walls' resemblance to abstract paintings opens up for the viewer the possibility of the same kind of multi-layered interpretations as offered by the text."

First published by Basil Pao and Studio 8 Ltd. in 2010
Size: 234 x 354 mm      Extent: 160 pages